ENTRETECIDO: Exhibition of textile objects from Portuguese cities

Curated by Covilhã Municipality and Vasco Pinho

The UNESCO Creative Cities in the design field mark their presence at the 16th International Conference of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network through an exhibition focused on textile design. Atelier Vasco Pinho is responsible for the curation and is the main partner of the Municipality of Covilhã in organizing this exhibition..
The choice of textile design as the theme for the exhibition by all the Creative Cities of Design was based on the historical building selected to host this show – an 18th-century property built by the Rolão family, known for silk manufacturing. This also evokes the tradition of wool textiles from Covilhã, the only Creative City of Design in Portugal. Tradition and innovation intersect and project into the future through the space and content displayed, representing all the Creative Cities of Design in this UNESCO Network, as well as the diversity and versatility of design, with a strong impact on our daily lives.

Designers, artists, entities, and companies from Covilhã participate in this exhibition, with national and international projection, collaborating within the framework of Covilhã, City of Design since the inception of its candidacy, and continuing to actively contribute to its success. Creativity and innovation are the main anchors, not only of the exhibition but fundamentally of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, with a special focus on seeking solutions to contemporary issues through arts and various forms of design. Whether in the context of individual creation or industrial textile production, the exhibition represents the desire to project a responsible and sustainable future that honors the history and traditions of communities.

Design is a powerful mediator between education, industry, academia, and public administration. This exhibition aims to highlight it on the public agenda of the 16th International Conference of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, as a priority in politics and civic life, through cooperation between various sectors and especially with the Municipality of Braga, which has created the conditions for the presentation, in public space, of the specificities of each cluster. Visitors will be able to explore and discover the dynamics of the various spaces of Casa Rolão and, in each of them, be surprised by objects and environments – as traditional as they are unusual – linked to textile design and the industries of this sector. The UNESCO Creative Cities in the design field are also represented in the upper floor divisions of this historic house, notably through an International Library of books dedicated to design (Design Book Library).

Designers, artists, entities and enterprises companies:
Atelier Vasco Pinho | Design de Interiores
Ana Paula Almeida
Fátima Nina
Gonçalo Duarte
Luís da Cruz
Burel Factory
J. Gomes
Tricots Brancal